Slide A mother’s oasis A baby’s bliss Our special collections, sibling coordinates, and spacious premises make shopping for your little one a pleasure.
S t y l e | S e r v i c e | S e l e c t i o n

There’s beauty in comfort.

So we built you a spacious and luxurious store.

Shop in comfort

Outfit your child calmly in this miraculous haven, designed with pram-pushing mothers in mind.

Try before you buy

Be confident about fit and style with our comfortable corner designed for trying on with ease.

The perfect fit. Always

Stress less about sizing with knowledgeable salesladies who give you time of day.

Oh! The joys of shopping for little girls and boys



Triumphant smiles, eyes alight with joy, few things make mothers chuckle like clever little boys.
Delicate pinks, and sweet smelling posies, a charming giggle and soft little toesies.

Beauty is in the details

Find the perfect accessory to finish the look

Dummies and Clips




Earrings and bracelets


A grand array of over 60 brands

Shop our sophisticated selection culled from the finest designers across the world
USA | Italy | France | Spain | Switzerland | Denmark | USSR | Turkey | England | Austria | Australia

Gift up their spirits, send a gorgeous present their way

Package the love and kiss it closed with a PB seal.

Rivky and Reiselle always manage to correctly size my grandkid’s clothes. No more return and exchange headaches.

C. Stern

Grandmother of a bunch

The couch makes trying on so pleasurable! No more squirming or shrieking babies to calm while juggling old and new clothes.


Mother of 1

Going to PB Layette is tremendously calming! There’s something about the perfumed scent, the perfectly arranged shop, the polished deco- the whole experience, that makes going such a treat. I cannot shop elsewhere!

Ruchelle H

mother of 4

A visit to PB Layette is

A sweet retreat you’ll want to repeat